Forestry culture

To offer excellent quality wood products with the highest added value, while providing good service and preserving the Amazon forest.



We manage and harvest forests in a responsible and sustainable way, in order to achieve a balance between providing quality raw materials and conserving the forest. We monitor wildlife, natural regeneration and soil erosion to assure the balance of ecosystem and wildlife habitat.

Consolidated Forest Otorongo and Chullachaqui

We comply with the highest standards of sustainable forest management worldwide. We manage more than 180 hectares of FSC certified forest.

For more information you can see Bozovich's forest management documents.

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Local communities

We generate jobs for local communities, integrating them to a chain of development and prosperity. We recognize local communities as important actors in the environment, respecting their world view and appreciating their endless knowledge and tradition.

Amazon chesnut

Within our concessions we have a high concentration of chestnut trees, from which we harvest the chesnut in a permanent and suistainable way.

Under an innovative scheme of partnership in participation, we harvest this fruit together with more than 60 families that live between the districts of Alerta and Iberia, in the province of Tahuamanu.

Bio charcoal

We take advantage of wood waste efficiently for the manufacture of charcoal.

The high calorific value of the species used makes this a high performance and environmentally sustainable coal since it comes from FSC certified forests.

Human group

We care about the professional development and satisfaction of each of our 500 employees. We are very proud of having families of grandparents, sons, and grandsons who decided to be part of Bozovich.

Responsible purchase Policy

Our Responsible Purchase Policy stands by and applies the highest national and international standards of compliance and due diligence in order to guarantee quality, sustainability, and legality of our products.

Responsible purchase Policy

difusión de politica en WEB

Integrated Management Policy

Con el fin de difundir la política de nuestro sistema integrado de gestión a nuestros grupos de interés presentamos nuestros compromisos relacionados a la seguridad y salud de nuestros trabajadores, seguridad en los procesos de exportación e importación, de FSC y la protección del medio ambiente.

Integrated Management Policy

Sistema de Gestion de control y Seguridad

Nuestro Sistema de Gestión de Seguridad y control

Compartimos los lineamientos que forma parte de nuestro Sistema de Gestión de Seguridad y Control (BASC - OEA)



World forests must satisfy the social, ecological, and economic rights and needs of the present generations without compromising those of the future”.

Forest Stewardship Council® A.C. – FSC®

Bozovich Vertically integrated

Forest concessions
with FSC Certification

Our sustainable forest management is internationally certified by the FSC, the most renowned standard of forest management worldwide. We rigorously follow a General Plan of Forest Management that guarantees the natural conservation and regeneration of the forest and the exploited species.


With 70 years of experience in the sawmill and drying of wood, we know how to treat it. Each species follows a specific drying process, which, in some cases, could take several months. Our objective is to generate the highest possible performance of our raw materials: we use even the sawdust to generate energy for our machinery and equipment operation.

Industrial plant and factory

We carefully transport the boards and blocks of wood from the sawmill to our industrial plant in Puerto Maldonado or to our factory in Lima, where we continue with the drying process in kilns, and the pre-dimensioned process to later mold and finish our surfaces and other products with leading-edge technology machinery.

Distribution points
and sales offices

Our products are synonymous with high quality to the world. We export them to more than 30 countries. We have warehouses in Mexico and in the United States, and representative offices in Brazil, the Caribbean and in the East Asian region.

Worldwide presence

Thanks to our customers and suppliers, today we offer a broad range of wood and wood-related products in more than 30 countries, with the quality and professionalism required by the market, always committed to promoting a sustainable forest management culture.

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